Jacki GrimJaw
Name Jacki GrimJaw
  • "Hot" Head Jack
  • Jackii Flame
  • 21
  • Male
  • 5'9
  • 175 lbs
  • Alive
  • M.I.L.I.T.A.R.Y 3rd Sect M.A.R.I.N.E
  • First Lieutenant
  • Pyrokinesis
Special Power
  • Flaming Deity
  • Burning Stroke
  • Black Flame


  • Master
Psi Exp
  • 92
Battle Exp
  • 2809

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a member of M.A.R.I.N.E Jacki can be assumed to be an extremely powerful individual. His use and profiency using psi has earned him a level equal to that of a master.

Psi Power Edit

Pyrokinesis Edit

pyrokinesis is the ability to manipulate, control, and generate fire there are a few characters in the series in possession of this power but Jacki has been shown as by far the most powerful in terms of forms and uses he can shoot flames from his plans or create a gigantic wave of flames with a simple waving motion of his arm he can intensify the heat of these flames, reaching close to super nova levels, he can also generate what is reminiscent of a giant torrent of flames around himself the primary function being able to both attack and defend at the same time burning away anything the come into close range Jacki's real power lies in his Blast abilities

Blast Edit

Flaming Deity Edit

Jacki has incorporated his pyrokinesis into his blast ability to create more powerful versions of his flame control essentially this allows him to form, shape, and change the properties of this flames in anyway he sees fit.

Special Powers Edit

Solar Flash: a power that can be used either offensively or defensively it is a simple solar flare of immense intensity that blinds all foes it can be used as a diversion tactic for quick escape or as a decoy for suprise attacks.

Burning Reapers: this is a Special power created by Jacki infusing his own Psi Aura with his flames to bring forth flame entity minions that float about like ghosts these creatures have no thoughts or consciousness of there own and operate solely off of the control of Jacki they are flame like in appearance while the flames burn bluish white Jacki stated that he was only capable of conjuring up to 12 of these creatures at one time they are capable of engaging in and battle and being composed completely of flames are impervious to harm but their main power lies in there explosive capabilities being able to explode on command or timed detonation while the resulting explosion produces a heat that Jacki states to be 1/3 the intensity of the Sun itself. Jacki also states that using this power is a triumph card as it's very usage is so taxing on his aura reserves that summoning only 7 of these beast leaves him in a close to cripples like state(Aura wise).

Rebirth Of The Phoenix: this is Jacki's most powerful ability as it allows him to transform his own body into a Phoenix for a short amount of time the heat and power from this power holds the intensity of the Sun in it stated by Jacki this power is of last resort due to its extreme difficulty controlling and potentiality to erase the planet earth as such when using this ability Jacki generates a heating reflection field across the earth to protect it from the enormous heat wave and also controlling the explosion of the nova smothering the after blast with his own aura Jacki can only use this ability once a week and has to let his body recover for 1 full month before he is in could condition to try again.

Hype Edit

Master: Jacki's use in the hype type see can be considered well above average and his aura control at a masterful level he can quickly enhance every single one of his senses while in mid battle with extreme proficiency or in the blink of an eye he was able to enhance his strength to the point that he was capable of lifting a 150 ton tank and his speed was great enough to keep up with Zak Tamilot who is know for his speed he could enhance every one of his 5 senses as he could use sight to spot a platoon roughly two miles away from his own position and also focus in and spy on a conversation that was being held in a two story building through hearing alone he also displayed proficient use in the 6th sense being able to detect enemy soldiers or psi users miles away from his own location he was able to find Nicholas Remy and his team on the other side of the city even while they suppressed their own auras his durability is fairly high and his endurance and stamina levels can be considered inhuman he was also able to develop S.P for his Hype as well.

Special Powers Edit

Burning Armor: this ability is a combination of Jacki's aura output and his flame control allow him to cover his entire being in a magnificent armor of fire burning everything that comes in contact to ashes allowing him a semi- perfect form of denfense/offense.

Flame Extension: Essentially like his burning armor but on a smaller scale it allows the use of combining his enhanced strength with his fire capabilities allowing for punches covered in flames etc....

Flow Edit

Proficient: Jacki has stated that his use in flow type psi is nothing to shake about and states that it is his least used and hated type of psi of them all he goes on to say that nonetheless as a member of M.A.R.I.N.E that it was required and forced upon his to learn at least the basics of flow though he says that even though he hated it since he had to learn it anyway he made sure he become good at it being able to use standard techniques of flow such as.

Mind Gate: the ability to block at all mental links and connections into ones mind making it impossible to subdue or render the opponent under any type of hypnosis or illusions any kind of telepathy or mind control basically all access to the opponent becomes inaccessible through normal means this power has 5 levels and 50 sub levels in between those levels Crow states that Jacki's proficiency in its use is around 3/50 just 1 level shy of being a 4 so his power in it is a way above average.

Sleep: the ability to render a for unconscious or incapacitated for a duration though a simple gaze or touch, a very affective tactic for quick missions involving the innocent or the weak willed there are 3 levels of this power and 100 sub levels Jacki's level is 1/73.

Illusion: the ability to cause targets to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are. A more powerful technique of flow which only the most complex user of this type can truly use Jacki's states that although he was not so good at this technique he is still well aware of its workings and weaknesses can can still project them to some degree the are 10 levels of this power and 25 sub levels Jacki's level is 4/18.

Telepathy: the ability to communicate with others via mind linking, Proficient in its use Jacki uses this ability to communicate with other members of M.A.R.I.N.E and they with his it is said that this power holds 1000 levels each with 100 sub levels in between though no one has been using to surpass the 10th level or ever truly focusing in trading to do so Jacki's level is 6/79.

Special Power Edit

All though not a Flow Type specialist stated by Jacki being forced to learn it's powers anyway allowed him to create a technique of his own from the training.

Burning Stroke: is essentially a simple illusion not the one of the more powerful shown but still powerful to any opponent not of high calibre it allows Jacki to form a reality type illsion were the real world is not what changes but the climate condition once affected Jacki's opponent slowly starts to feel hot as the the temperature in the area is rising while fighting they will start to sweat experience shortness of breath and fatigue after about 5 mins the opponent is fooled into believing they are fighting in conditions of 200 degrees they start to see there skin bubble and boil believing there being burnt alive there mind cracks under the weight of the mental strain believing the pain is real the fall unconscious.

Collaboration Psi Edit

Jacki has been shown to be Proficient in one of the types of collaboration psi.

Stream Edit

Black Flame Edit

using his combination of Blast type psi and Hype type psi Jacki was able to create the black flame by applying his blast types flame generatation with his Hype types aura manipulation he was able to conjure up a flame that held 4x the intensity of the suns flame Jacki quote that using this power takes an immense amount of focus as the slightest wrong step of distraction and the flame would Burst out of control consuming him and erasing everything in existence as he believes it Is the flames from hell and they exist to erase all of God's creation he then goes on to say that he does not control these flames he merely gives them shape, form, and guides them towards the destruction that it wishes to create, he only has three variants for this power right now but as he uses its power he also damages his own body in the process.

Special Powers Edit

Black Cannon: Jacki fires a stream of black flames at his opponent that is capable of erasing anything in its path should it make contact.

Dark Homing: Jacki creates a black ball of fire and locks on to an enemy using his 6th sense once he has locked on to them he launches the flame and it acts as a homing missile following the opponent no matter what or were they run until it hits home.

Cerberus: Jacki's most powerful technique that summons black flames from his body in the shape of ceberus the hell hound it is cabable of following his targets and also splitting into three smaller versions to hit different targets or more enemies at once, the resulting explosion from this technique is such that it was able to turn an entire city into a gigantic crater.

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