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In the year 2070 the world government has proceeded in countless experiments to dwell within the human mind, namely to unlock the %90 of untapped human potential. After years of countless failures and lost test subjects in the year 3015 a large piece of a meteorite set a course for earth burning just over the earths atmosphere a piece was torn off and hurled towards earth smashing into its crust it sent waves of unknown energies across the entire globe referred to as Air Virus G-B(Gods Breath) it decimated what, was planet earth turning %44 of it into a sandy wasteland %20 formed small civilizations and the other %36 percent had been classified as other but the main anomaly was that %87 of the earths population became what is known as Sub.MOD-H which was the Governments codes for Modified Human Beings %4 of Humanities population died the other %9 became creatures the were no longer human(MON-stars). Nikolai Cambridge is a young 18 year old boy who has just become the Governments newest recruit into there elite Organization and Army the M.I.L.I.T.A.R.Y determined to find and face the one responsible for the destruction of his city and the deaths of his family and friends he goes on a long journey to climb the ranks while learning to control his own Psi powers he will make allies and destroy enemies to find out the truth!?

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