Overview Edit

There are thousands of psi abilities classified by three main types Blast, Hype, and Flow.

Main Types Edit

Blast: This type of power is psi that revolves around spiritual power, that affect the surrounding world outside of oneself for exaample Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Ectokinesis and etc. . . .

Hype: Is the ability in which one can redirect the aura in ones own body to increase or enhance all physical capabilities, achieving feats such as super strength, enhanced speed or even increasing ones senses hearing and sight they are also capable of wielding and creating certain physical powers such examples include intangibility, invisibility, malleable anatonmy, shapeshifting etc . .

Flow: Flow is all powers that deal with mental disruption or confusion as well as all emotional ailments and trauma like, mind control, remote viewing, and empathy.

Collaborations Edit

Collaboration is an advanced form of Psi that allows it's user to combine any of the three basic types of Psi and is able to give rise to Three new types of Psi Referred to As Collaboration Psi these abilities are vast and devastatingly destructive, C.P.S.I (Collaboration Psi) takes an extreme and extraordinary about of Psi aura to preform and even greater knowledge, precision, and control to maintain otherwise a users powers can quickly get out of hand and become uncontrollable Destroying all in sight starting with its own user.

List of the three types of C.P.S.I Edit

Although C.P.S.I types are created through the three basic types once combined to form a new power it distinctly becomes it's own type and and one power and no longer two powers in combination.

Stream: This ability combines the powers of the Blast psi type and the Hype psi type to create the Stream which allows users to combine spiritual and physical powers giving rise to a new ability or power if one does not possess a physical ability then some may even combine spiritual powers with their senses or body enhancements for example combining telekinesis and Enhanced Durability to create A type of force field or barrier power. Another example would be the combination of pyrokinesis with enhanced sight for combustion abilities.

Motion: Another advanced type of Psi that combines the Hype type psi with Flow type psi allowing for a fusion of physical and mental powers through this application one can achieve a mystical array of powers, for example through a fusion of Minds Eye And Enhanced sight it would be theoretically possible for one to achieve powers or forms of clairvoyance or Setomi's Motion power "DeathMare" through the combination of his "Ghastly" ability and his Enhanced Condition ability. This resulted in a terrible ability and also serves as Setomi's trump card.

Current: The Combination of Flow and Blast through these applications one can apply the surounding Outward powers of Blast with the Inner Mental powers of Flow to create various forms of outward mental projection.

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