Timothy Wright
Name Timothy
Alias Tiny Tim
  • 9
  • Male
  • 4'11
  • 143 lbs
  • Alive
  • M.I.L.I.T.A.R.Y 3rd Sect M.A.R.I.N.E
  • First Lieutenant
  • Imagination Manifestation
Special Power
  • Imaginary Fiend
  • World Of Imagine
  • Blast/Hype/Flow
  • Master
Psi Exp
  • 63
Battle Exp
  • 989

Powers and Abilities Edit

Being the youngest member of M.A.R.I.N.E Timothy is stated to be an extremely powerful individual and extraordinary Psi user.

Psi Power Edit

Imagination Manifestation Edit

The ability to manifest ones own thoughts and imagination into the barriers of reality it self this ability itself is considered to be a level 10 ranked power but being so young Timothy has yet to receive the proper training to use it's power to its powers to full potential instead using this power in a unique form.

Imaginary Entity Construct Edit

The level of which Timothy uses his power is the ability to create imaginary beings and entities which can either be invisible to all but himself or visible when choosing to reveal them a few notable in dividuals were even fooled into believing that Timothy hold some sort of form of telekinesis, Timothy has since been able to create 3 forms of which he refers to his imaginary friends.

Blast Edit

Imaginary Fiend Edit

Timothy was born alone small and frail without anyone to fend for him he longed for companions that would protect him no matter what, by age 5 he was hunted down but ruthless scavenge hunters with the intention of killing and then eating timmy he was eventually corner but was savage by an invisible entity that revealed himself to be Xerxes the imaginary friend timothy had dreamt up so that he would never have to hurt again these imaginary constructs became his power.

Special Power Edit

Canon Beast: Consist of two imaginary beast that hold the bodies of what appears to be chimera looking animals with the heads of tank cannons they are capable of firing cannon blast that create a considerable amount of damage when contact is made Timothy refers to it as his "Long Range Buddies" or "Long Distance Friends" this is Timothy's most powerful long range attack.

Sharp Luna: is a entity that resembles a small fuzzy ball with two small feet and one arm that wields a small bladed scythe it eyes can be scene glowing yellow through its fur. It's main ability is moving at incredible hyper-sonic speeds in a spinning motion slicing whatever lies in its pathway to shreds, before anyone was able to see this entity it remained invisible as they came to the conclusion that this power was an air originated ability.

Mighty Xerxes: this entity was the first construct formed for Timothy's imangination and the most powerful it was formed out of his need to be protected from the world and to never have to cry again and one it was created he gave it the name his big brother or his only brother in appearance it is a giant humanoid creature that hovers over Timothy it has no legs or waist and it's body is covered in plated armor with what looks like a demonic entity beneath it's basic image is that of a demon knight.

Enhanced Strength: it has unprecedented amounts strength being able to catch falling buildings and throw or shatter falling meteors.

Enhanced Speed: it also has displayed immense levels of speed being able to close the distance between it and a target in a flash.

Endurance: it has shown the ability to battle with out relant for extended periods of time no matter how many wounds or injury sustained.

Durability: it has been shown that woulding this creatures is extremely difficult and close to impossible for anyone not of master or monster level.

Stamina: it has been stated by Timothy that Xerxes possesses infinite levels of stamina being able to go on fighting forever without any signs of fatigue or tire.

Shockwave Roar: Xerxes emits a roar that creates a shockwave strong enough to level a small area.

Hype Edit

Timothy seems to be a novice when it comes to his type of Psi although it has already been stated that in order to be A M.A.R.I.N.E one must be at least proficient in all 3 main types of Psi although there have been certain occasions were these rules were over looked for specific individuals such as Riker Harley. Although Timothy is not a master at this type of Psi he is at least skilled enough to quickly enhance at least one or more of his physical attributes for a short amount of time however not to very extreme degrees seen in other characters cases.

Aura Sense: Timothy has the ability like most to sense the aura of another opponent his use and skill in it has shown to be just a little above averaged being able to sense and pinpoint targets up to at least 4 1/2 miles aways while said targets had claimed to be supressing aura he also seems to have the rare ability to completely erase and had his aura from even the most skilled and adept sensors appearing to be a normal human being.

Enhanced Strength: Timothy has been seen using his altered strength from time to time he has been seen kicking down a steel door with a measley flick of his leg, or snapping the necked of his own foot soldiers with one hand he has even used this strength to jump up two and three story buildings.

Enhanced durability: he used this power in only one instance and that was when he was caught in a blow out and his psi was to low to summon xerxes he used this power to keep damage at a minimal level.

Enhanced Sight: Only seen once, Timothy used this ability to spy on a platoon of soldiers over 346 Kilometers away.

Flow Edit

Much better in his use of Flow then Hype Timothy can be said to be extremely proficient in many high level Flow techniques and has even developed his on S/P.

Sleep: an advanced technique of Flow wielded by very few characters in the series, Timothy has shown proficient skill in it's use although never use on any high level opponents he has still shown the ability to send multiple persons into this sleep induced unconscious like states with a single glance.

Confusion: A simple technique that allows timothy to disorient or confuse opponents for a short amount of time sending them into a brief stupor or in short terms easing objectives or memories from a persons mind for a few moments.

Telepathy: Like all of the members of the M.A.R.I.N.E division Timothy is able to communicate with and share information and knowledge with its members his skill seems good enough to tapped into there mind channel up to at least 2 miles away any further and Timothy stated that the channel states to become static haze Timothy also only seems to be able to contact one member at a time as opposed to the entire group at once as some of its more experienced members can.

Mind Shield: A minscule form of the Mind Barrier but as for its use allowing Timothy to shake or wave of attempts at any mental manipulations made by weak or inexperienced opponents.

World Of Imagine Edit

World of Imagine has serves to powerful illusionary fuctions both of which can cause extreme mental as well as physical agony toward his opponent.

Special Powers Edit

Realm Of Friends: A powerful allusion that detaches an opponents mind from reality and places it and the realm or world of timothy's imaginary friends forced into a battle with all three the opponent suffers trumatic experiences both mental as well as physical believing this never end battles to be part of reality they eventually succumb to mental fatigue and fall into a deep coma timothy also states that as months past in this world only moments have past in the real world.

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